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    I AM Crystal Sculpture by Piavevetro is the window-icon of contemporary italian design. It’s the first TREUGLASS system all over the world, declined in windows and doors, sliding doors, minimal sliding windows, vertical pivots, bifold doors, even integrated with fixed parts or facade elements. The result of the partnership with the best international architects has become a complete allglass window system for a modern lifestyle and an innovative way of designing interior and architecture. A homemade wonder created with passion and respect of the most advanced manufacturing techniques and handcrafter experiences to preserve.

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    Piavevetro is dedicated to the conception, design, production and fitting of new and brilliant solutions for both new construction and restoration. Modern private villas, renovation of historical buildings, commercial and office spaces are the main objects of our technical office in order to reach the most complicated and exciting architectural challenges.

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    Piavevetro is a unique revolution in window design. Our Company is the only one in the world handcrafting all materials such as glass, timber, alu, steel, carbon fiber etc. Customers ask for new designs, Archiects draw new solutions and we engineer your new window with any kind of finishing or dimension. Piavevetro has several patent: TREU GLASS system I AM Crystal Sculpture; slim prospect wooden windows (perfect for renovations) I AM Wood Tech; Minimal sliding doors for jumbo size glazing I AM Luce; TRUEGLASS Bifolding doors dedicated to the UK market etc. .... and innovation does not end here ...

WE WORK FOR most demanding customers of the WORLD

Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the Netherlands are the main countries in which Piavevetro operates, conceiving, designing, producing and fitting special windows designed by the best national and foreign designers for the most sensitive and specific commissions. Piavevetro implements solutions for architecture and interior design working on a wide range of materials such as wood, metal, glass, composite materials for every type of opening (windows and doors – lifting and sliding doors - minimal sliding doors - vertical pivot – bifold doors) . Piavevetro makes innovation and know-how its largest value that makes available to projects that want to go beyond the standards and meet ambitious aesthetic and technological objectives.

White paper for your new projects


as technology is SERENITY

Our spaces are both meeting places both family areas and require materials that protect our loved ones, our relationships and our possessions. Balance with us which level of welfare is the most suitable for your lifestyle combining beauty with the most performing materials and sophisticated design, production and fitting.

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Every investment has a goal, every expense waits for a result.

Quantify with us what ‘s your target, optimizing the spending and achieving in the most efficient way your best results.

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Piavevetro Collections

Piavevetro considers each window both as an architectural element both as an high-performance interior design. Matching technology and beauty is our mission. The strong dialogue with the landscape and the dense cultural sedimentation of the project are the starting points. Piavevetro with its collections, wants to tell a tradition and a history that belongs to us, looking forward and beyond the borders of the state of the standard fixtures.


WHY choosing Piavevetro

  For special design and execution capabilities;
  For the consolidated experience in special operations in different materials;
  For accuracy and speed in preparing the dwg pdf-drawings or mock up;
  For the endless customization finishes;
  For the completeness of the service from design to installation;
  For the quality of our human resources, always punctual, discreet and available;
  For the direct relationship between design / client and the company;
  For independence and financial capacity.

Unique commissions

I personally want to thank all the illustrious Commissioners who have chosen Piavevetro, together with their designers with whom we have designed and created unique works for unique projects. Particular chrome, special outdoor effects, elegance and unconventional style, selected materials, all combined with a research for pleasure and truth. Each day, and always in a different way, Piavevetro mix with the mastery, the wisdom And the balance that stems from a forty-year experience always at very high levels. "

Andrea Rizzo
Properties and Directorate General IAMPIAVEVETRO S.r.l. .