Boffi Studio Showroom

Boffi Studio Showroom

AD Arredamenti and Boffi Studio have chosen Piavevetro as interpreter of the entrances of the two new ateliers in Treviso. Precious and unique are the two vertical pivot doors, with no perimeter frame and surrounded by olive wood cedar slats. The most famous brand in the Made in Italy kitchens sector welcomes its customers and partners through a 400 kg crystal monolith. It opens with the push of a child's finger, rotating on a single axis. Smooth and clean surface with exciting design, consistent start to the Boffi Studio experience. Temperate and layered transparent glazing  windows with elegantly black perimeter serigraphy, this true glass pivot door features only the external lock and it’s free of handle to stay coherent with the concept of monolith. Year after year Piavevetro is happy to welcome and meet the aesthetic needs of ever more important commands that we are proud to serve. Known only by a small and exclusive targhet, Piavevetro is the ultimate and definitive brand of luxury specializing in the design, engineering, customization and implementation of projected windows and doors in the most diverse materials.

The vertical pivot does not have particular energy and acoustic performance as, usually, they are not required for an entrance door.

The pivot door can be armoured.


Product Type - product type: Vertical Lever I AM Crystal Sculptures

Product Name - Product Name: I AM Crystal Sculptures

Production: Piavevetro srl Villorba TV ITALY


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Michele Spinnato

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