M.R. Home

M.R. Home

A penthouse, a modernist buyer, light and panorama. Piavevetro is asked to design and produce a new kind of triple glazing tilt and turn window. The I AM Crystal Sculptures design hides the alu profiles inside a triple glazing with a sensational white screen printing, more contemporary and newer effect. The windows are part of the furnishings, no curtain will cover the thrill of having, for the first time in the world, a single glass to glass surface. Protection from too much light and indiscreet looks (of whoever if we are in heaven?) is offered by a roller blind or overflow curtain covering or filtered. Piavevetro continues to create windows that break the schemes, raising the level of industry technology, all listening to the dreams of extraordinary commissions and the sensibility of the best designers

Uw of 1.2 W / m2K and

Product Type - product type: Windows and Doors I AM Crystal Sculptures

Product Name - Product Name: I AM Crystal Sculptures

Production: Piavevetro srl Villorba Italy


Photos by:


Michele Spinnato

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