Nespresso, the world leader in the coffee industry, has chosen Piavevetro as a partner for the design of a new windows and glazing solution for the project of the Genoa office.

Piavevetro has studied and realized a totally flash glazed  tilt and turn window.

The frame profiles disappear. The look is the same than a structural glazing façade but with tilt and turn opening.

Tempered and laminated security crystals are covered by semi-transparent Nespresso stripes.

Quality raw materials and excellent manufacturing, just like coffee.

Uw of about 1.2 W / m2K and about 40 dB of noise abatement.

Product Type: Tilt and turn windows  I AM Crystal Sculptures

Product Name: I AM Crystal Sculptures

Production: Piavevetro srl Villorba TV ITALY


Photos by:


Valerio Dimauro

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