Wow House

Wow House

Wow house is the name of this project that certainly does not betray expectations. Everything in the market that was innovative, technological, luxurious or precious, has been cleverly incorporated into this home with cosmopolitan and international flavor. For the first time in the world Piavevetro proposes the true glass window I AM Crystal Sculptures in mirror version, flash finishing to the marbles or mother of pearl; Sliding mirror walls to secret rooms; A crystal cube as a bathroom; Wine storage in low iron crystal; Staircase and parapets in low iron armoured glass; Sliding partition walls with integrated motorized tent. WOW! Simply a paradise for those who love transparency, luxury and personalization. Only sophisticated interior materials that achieve maximum levels of comfort and functionality where each finishing element was chosen to excite the guest and every new product has been certified to guarantee maximum efficiency and safety.

Photos by:

Michele Spinnato

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