Light and space


No dimension limit for sliding doors drawn by Piavevetro: technology transforms space into pure light with the minimum sliding line; No limit on the materials, with metal falling in steel, bronze, brass or other.


High-tech, silent and durable, floor or ceiling installations according to the needs of the designer move large glazing onto ground-based compass guides to ensure water drainage, air venting and excellent cleaning and maintenance of united mechanisms For a perfect complanarity to the interior and exterior floors of the house.

Tempered and laminated double or triple glazed windows ensure maximum thermal, acoustic and safety insulation.

Each type of closure - up to the armored closures - guarantees maximum safety together with the unparalleled wellness of glass surfaces that transform the house's panorama into a seamless space with the exteriors.



In the new private buildings of great impact such as villas, properties, attics, in projects where the landscape is an integral part of the charm of the building such as restaurants, spa, club house.

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