Zen Inspiration


Inspired by the minimalist charm of the Japanese gardens and houses Piavevetro draws its new line of minimal slides I AM LUCE for wooden frames: high-dimension sliding glazing, flush to the interior and exterior flooring, feature natural wood elegance to inspire the most careful designers.
Thanks to the exclusive Piavevetro technology, there are no limits to the size of the crystals, all available with invisible floor or ceiling motors; The guides ensure water drainage, air venting and excellent cleaning and maintenance of the mechanisms combined with a perfect complanarity to the interior and exterior floors of the home. Tempered and laminated double or triple glazed windows ensure maximum thermal, acoustic and safety insulation. All I AM LUCE sliding Windows are available with different types of closures, even armored: the system guarantees thermal and acoustic insulation and uncompromising safety.


In renovations or new buildings of natural style, for green gardens, greenhouses or attics of great visual impact, for club-house, spa and show-room charm.


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