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I AM Modern Tradition

Tradition and Innovation Meet in the Line of I AM Modern Tradition: the crystal remains folded to the frame of the door, creating smooth surfaces and opaque contact surfaces, in an elegant game of contrasts, made even more interesting by the ability to dress in crystal too The outside of the door in different materials for a very straight line effect.
Acoustic protection, energy saving and safety are the firm points of a timeless line of timepieces.


AM Modern Tradition is an all-glass enclosure, featuring internal glass framing of the door frame with the possibility of outside glass scattered on the frame of the door.
Chassis and door frames can be of different materials by customizing the project to the smallest details:
Doors, side windows and sliding windows, sliding windows, vertical vertical hinges and wood, all-round and aluminum heat-sealing, all-round and PVC, all-round and steel, all-around and iron, all-round and corten, full-length and burnished brass. Doors can also be armored.
Normally oak wood with finishes selected between lacquered, oil treatments, burnt wood, natural varnishes. Available with aluminum chassis frame.
Each element is available either for single or double leaf or fixed door and can be opened and integrated in a continuous facade.
The AM Modern Tradition is available for AR rails, sliding elevators, vertical pivot, Ustistals with Uf up to 1.0 W / m2K, Ug up to 0.4W / m2K and acoustic insulation up to 45 dB
In projects where every detail is the protagonist of the light, for homes, houses, offices or hotels where discreet luxury is revealed in particular to impact, and where the designer's attention focuses on security, energy saving, thermal insulation And acoustic without sacrificing complete personalization.

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